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A 90' wide by 1500' long canal has been proposed at the south end of the lake, breaching the dam that was constructed in 1987 by the MLA due to the high seepage rates in the lakebed in that area. 

We believe the proposed canal could have catastrophic impact  to the lake.  There have been no studies that demonstrate with any degree of certainty that the canal project works.

Our pumping system is currently operating at maximum capacity and can’t handle any expansion of the lake. 

As designed, this project risks the entire lake, destroying natural habitat, fishing, and recreation.

McCook Lake Defense Fund

  • Share information about this with friends and neighbors to educate others about McCook Lake.  Many people do not realize funds are raised each year to pump water in the lake from the Missouri River, and that the proposed canal jeopardizes the future of the lake.

  • Contact government representatives regarding how important maintaining water in McCook Lake is for the environment, recreation, and the tax base.  Ask government agencies to assist with stopping this project.

  • Donate to the MLA’s Defense Fund to help stop this project and become a member of the McCook Lake Association. 


June 7, 1987 Sioux City Journal article on dam construction 

The McCook Lake Association opposes expansion of the lake.
1987 Dam constructed to maintain lake

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