Supporting our Lake

Water Pumping

Today, a 24-inch diameter pipe connects the Missouri River through the Adams Nature Preserve to the southwest corner of the lake.  Water is pumped from the river in the spring and summer months to keep the lake from draining away. Pumping water into the lake costs about $1,000 per week.  Money for pumping has not come from taxpayers and is not currently charged to the lake's residents. Voluntary Membership Dues, a grant from North Sioux City, and the Lake Association's Admiral's Stag are currently the largest sources of revenue.

New funding sources are continuously reviewed as the three pumps and pump house were heavily damaged in the Missouri River flooding in 2011. (The Lake Association also worked with the City of North Sioux City to pump water from the lake back to the Missouri River during the flooding of 2011.)

In April 2014, all three pumps were run concurrently for the first time since 2014.  It is ideal to fill the lake as quickly as possible to prevent erosion into the lake.

Take a guess!
Q:  How long is the pipe from the Missouri River to McCook Lake?

A:  7,550 feet long
Wanna Help?
If you are interested in assisting with the pump and pump house maintenance or upgrades, please contact the Lake Association and you will be contacted by the project leader when work days will be held.