Supporting our Lake

Contact Numbers

  • SD Game, Fish, & Parks Officer…call Union County Dispatcher 605-356-2679
  • NSC Police Department… call 911 or non-emergency 605-232-4301

The McCook Lake Association...

  • Represents lake homes and concerned parties
  • Lobbies governments on lake issues
  • Was founded in 1954
  • Is a qualified 501(c) Non-Profit Organization
  • Has up to 20 volunteer board members

Lake Rules

General Rules of the Lake:

  • All Watercraft to travel Counter-Clockwise for safety
  • Personal Floatation Devices…One per person (7yrs old & under must be worn)
  • Slow “No Wake” areas…No Visible wake or wave action where buoys are posted
  • Throwable…1 per boat over 16’ in length
  • Engine Exhaust…Must be muffled or baffled
  • Approved Fire extinguisher…For boats that entrap vapors

 Rules for Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski):

  • When traveling greater than slow-no-wake speed…PWC must be at least 150 feet from any dock, swimmer, raft, or Non-motorized boat
  • Floatation Device(s) …must be worn by driver and passengers on jet ski
  • Auto kill…must be attached to ignition & driver

 Ramp Area:

  • No wake Zone
  • No Swimming
  • No Fishing
  • No loitering or Alcohol
  • No Fireworks