Supporting our Lake

No Wake Zones

5/29/19, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  The SD GFP Secretary has declared a temporary  "NO WAKE ZONE" on McCook Lake.

This no wake zone will restrict boats to no greater than 5 miles per hour on the lake. 

This will be in effect until water levels decrease to the point where shorelines and seawalls are not as affected.


PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission has passed a regulation that provides new “No Wake Zones” on McCook Lake in Union County.
  •  The public water safety zones on the lake will be as follows:
  • Waters within a 100-foot radius of the public boat ramp on the southeast shore.
  • Waters southwest of the buoys placed at the entrance of the southwest arm of the lake.
  • Waters marked by buoys within the bays and island channels on the uninhabited shoreline.
  • Waters within 100 feet of the shoreline around the outer edge of the lake from the no-wake zone on the southwest arm of the lake to the extreme southeastern corner of the lake.

“This really is a unique situation on McCook Lake,” said Division of Wildlife Assistant Director Emmett Keyser. “It is a very small and narrow lake, and it gets heavy boat use. We want to try and keep everyone safe and happy.”   -GFP-