Supporting our Lake

Wetlands Filtration System

The Lake Association is currently developing a plan of action to implement a Wetland Filtration System for the water that is pumped from the Missouri River into McCook Lake.  The system has many benefits, including:

•Invasive species from the Missouri can be filtered
•Sediment accumulation in the lake can be prevented
•Bacteria levels can be reduced
•Algae causing phosphorus and nitrogen are reduced

The basic concept behind the wetland filtration is as follows:

  1)  Missouri River water is pumped through a long pipeline
  2)  Settling pond reduces sediment and is first trap for Invasive Species

  3)  Water is pumped through perforated pipes in a 3 acre sand filter
  4)  Plants above the sand bed act as an Bio filtration System

There are many steps in the process to make this concept are a reality. Design assistance is needed with help from the South Dakota DNR and the South Dakota of Fish and Wildlife.  It could serve as a model for other bodies of water in South Dakota.  Secondly, the land needed for this project is currently state owned so the land would need to be acquired.  Finally, the project is expected to cost in the range of $300,000.  State and Regional funds would be appreciated, and some work could be done with volunteer's sweat equity.